StoneRidge PMG is one of the largest minority-owned fixed income investment management firms in the country.  StoneRidge PMG Advisors offers fixed income investment management solutions to institutional clients including public funds, pension plans, Taft-Hartley plans, endowments & foundations.  Our firm is focused on providing customized fixed income solutions for public entities, retirement plans, and corporations.


PMG Advisors has been providing institutional fixed income investment management solutions since 1996 as a registered investment adviser.  The firm’s name changed to StoneRidge PMG Advisors in July 2015 when Beltraith Capital, LLC, a minority-owned holding company, merged the fixed income unit of StoneRidge Investment Partners into PMG Advisors.

StoneRidge PMG Advisors Snapshot


Firm Profile

  • Independent Registered Investment Advisor founded in April 1996 *
  • Solution-driven and minority owned firm
  • Specializing in providing fixed income solutions for institutional clients, including public entities, pension plans and corporations
  • Key Investment Professionals have over 30 years of investment experience


Investment Approach

Core Fixed Income Solutions

  • Conservative philosophy centered on active management of high-quality fixed income portfolios
  • Disciplined investment process combining top-down and bottom-up approach focusing on:
    • Sector Allocation
    • Interest Rate Risk
    • Yield Curve positioning
    • Security Selection
  • Diligent research process combining technical analysis and fundamental analysis

Duration Controlled Solutions

  • Strategic control of duration to minimize volatility
  • Emphasis on cash flows in security selection to seek consistent return
  • Customized to take into account client-specific needs


Our Core Value

Portfolio construction should be based on solutions to client needs and obligations.

Our Strengths

Being a boutique investment firm allows us to be nimble and flexible. Given our size, our team is able to respond quickly to changing market conditions and client needs to develop customized solutions.

* Registration as an investment adviser does not imply a certain level of skill or training.